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Samurai Zero Balancing Therapy is a unique treatment that restores muscles to their natural softness, aiming to reclaim your body’s innate neutral state. Unlike other bodywork therapies, no tools or stimuli are used. Instead, we focus on maintaining a comfortable posture that allows your muscles to relax without any strain. This therapy simultaneously tackles the root causes of muscle tension: muscle locks, energy deficits, and accumulation of waste products, effectively addressing a variety of pains including stiff shoulders and backaches. Our ultimate goal is not to create a cycle of continuous treatments, but to guide you to a state where our therapy is no longer needed. Aren’t you curious to explore such a treatment?

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“Muscle Lock” is a state where your muscles are constantly tense, unable to relax due to a looped “contract and protect” signal from muscle spindles. It’s a major cause of various symptoms, including pain. Pain induced by muscle lock can stem from various cases; a hardened muscle inhibiting blood flow, muscle stuck in a shortened state causing strain on specific areas, or numerous muscles locking at once. Delve deeper into how this affects your body, and how we can help.

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Would you like to know more about our lead therapist, Ayukawa, and his message? How about learning about our team of therapists, who all possess extensive experience and meet a high standard of technical proficiency? We aim to expand our team of capable therapists in the future.

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Treatable Conditions 対応症状

Interested in more than just pain relief? With Samurai Zero Balancing Therapy, not only do we address aches and ailments, we also aim to enhance your sports performance and restore your inherent beauty. Learn more about the conditions we treat, as well as the underlying principles of our therapy.

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SALON INFO & SERVICE AREA ゼロ化整体サロン及び出張対象エリア

Indulge in Samurai Zero Balancing Therapy either at your place of stay or at our partnered salon, conveniently located in Higashi Ginza, just a short walk from the station. We primarily serve the 23 wards of Tokyo for our mobile services. Discover this unique therapeutic experience amidst the hustle and bustle of Tokyo city.

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