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The Truth About Pain: It’s Often Muscles, Not Bones or Nerves

Understanding Pain and Discomfort

In our daily lives, we often experience discomforts like stiff shoulders or neck, which we can easily imagine being caused by tense muscles. But what if I told you that other ailments such as lower back pain, hip joint pain, knee pain, numbness in hands and feet, lumbar disc herniation, and osteoarthritis could also be attributed to tense muscles? This might be surprising, as we often associate these conditions with nerve compression or bone deformation.

The Misconception About Nerves and Pain

Let's delve a little deeper into this. Contrary to common belief, nerves do not feel pain when compressed. To illustrate this, imagine replacing the concept of 'pain' with 'sweetness'. If we were to apply sweet cream to a nerve, would we be able to taste the sweetness? Most likely, your answer is 'no'. This is because nerves do not have the function to taste sweetness. Similarly, nerves do not have the function to feel pain. Pain is felt when the mechanism to feel pain sends signals through the nerves to the brain. Therefore, even if a nerve is compressed, it does not generate abnormal signals.

Nerves as Electrical Cords

Think of nerves as electrical cords. No matter how much you step on an electrical cord, it does not generate electricity. If it did, it would not function properly as a cord. The only potential issue that could arise from stepping on an electrical cord is a 'disconnection', which is similar to 'paralysis' in the case of nerves. If you are experiencing 'pain' or 'numbness', it means that the mechanism to feel these sensations is working properly and that the nerves are functioning normally.

Addressing the Real Cause of Pain

Therefore, if nerve compression does not cause pain, there must be another cause. Unless this cause is addressed, the pain will not improve. From my experience, in most cases, ailments like lower back pain, stiff shoulders, and joint pain are caused by tense muscles. If you have been dealing with these issues thinking that they were caused by nerve compression, I highly recommend trying the Samurai Zero Balancing Therapy.

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