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Unleashing the Truth About Muscle Lock: A Revolutionary Approach to Pain

Are you someone who has tried various methods to alleviate your pain or discomfort, but to no avail? This article is written with the hope of helping as many people as possible graduate from their discomfort, regain their original body condition, and enjoy a vibrant life.

Understanding the Phenomenon of Muscle Lock

Firstly, let's delve into the phenomenon of "muscle lock". Muscles have sensors that measure their stretch. These sensors also have a protective mechanism that commands the muscle to contract when it is suddenly stretched, preventing damage. This protective mechanism, known as "muscle reflex" or "stretch reflex", usually activates momentarily and then returns to a relaxed state. However, under certain conditions, this protective mechanism can get stuck in a loop, continuously sending the "contract!" signal to the muscle. We refer to this phenomenon as "muscle lock".

Three Symptoms of Muscle Hardening

Muscle hardening can cause various symptoms. They can be broadly classified into three categories:

1. Pain and numbness caused by blood flow restriction due to the pressure exerted by hardened, thick muscles.
2. Pain caused by muscles that have contracted and no longer extend.
3. Severe pain caused by muscles suddenly locking.

Three Causes of Muscle Hardening

There are three main causes of muscle hardening: muscle lock, energy deficiency in the muscle, and waste products. The energy deficiency in muscles is an often overlooked cause. Muscles require energy not only to contract but also to relax. In fact, they need more energy to relax than to contract. When energy is deficient, muscles can't relax, leading to stiffness.

How to Unlock the Muscle Lock?

So, how can we unlock the muscle lock? The key is to realize the state of contraction that the muscle is trying to achieve. In other words, instead of stretching the muscle you want to soften, you should slacken it in a relaxed state. By doing so, the muscle realizes the state of contraction and stops sending the "contract!" signal.

The Samurai Zero Balancing Therapy Approach

Our therapy, Samurai Zero Balancing Therapy, addresses all three causes of muscle hardening simultaneously. We offer our therapy at a salon just a 3-minute walk from Higashi Ginza or as a home visit service. Our therapy is designed to help you graduate from your discomfort and pain. We encourage you to learn and improve your own condition.

About the Therapist, Shion Ayukawa

Shion Ayukawa, the representative therapist, is the developer of Samurai Zero Balancing Therapy. He has over 20,000 hours of treatment experience and has helped many people improve their pain and discomfort. He is also a best-selling author with four self-therapy books published.
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